Planet Bioplastics

Planet Bioplastics

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Headquarters: Italy
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials

Planet Bioplastics

PLANET Bioplastics mission is the development of environmentally friendly plastics for packaging and technical applications, bridging the current gap in performances and price between traditional plastic and sustainable (biobased, bio-recyclable, etc.) desirable solutions.

Our interest is the development of tailor-made compounds from renewable sources and/or ready to be recycled.

As Pisa University spin-off we intend support the university researchers with our pilot scale facilities in order to evaluate the laboratory set up products in a larger scale. We don't intend to compete with OEM and large companies but to collaborate with them and keep our activity within small and customized productions. For this reason, we don't deal in shoppers’ market and/or in large volumes based markets.

We make products based on biopolyesters with high content of biobased carbon (over 50%), with biobased and biodegradable additives, for compounds to be used for special films production, thermoforming, or injection moulding. PLANET products are based on materials compostable and in some formulations even soil and marine degradable.

The managerial team is composed of university professors, businessman and commercial experts for quick and able response to the continuous evolution of the technical-legislative needs of green-economy and circular economy.