Logo Braskem
Headquarters: Netherlands
Type: Large industry
Sector: Chemicals & Materials


Braskem is the largest resin producer in the Americas, with an annual output of 20 million metric tons, including basic chemicals and petrochemicals. Braskem exports to Customers in approximately 100 countries and operates 41 industrial units, located in Brazil, the United States, Germany, and Mexico. 

The company was born with innovation as a part of its business strategy. For our Members, thinking beyond the basics and focusing on developing unique products and solutions for the market is now a transformation tool that helps the world - and the Company- evolve. After years dedicated to research and development, Braskem's green ethylene plant was commissioned in September 2010. This marked the beginning of l'm green™ Polyethylene production on a commercial scale, securing the company's global leadership position in bioplastics. 

Therefore, the company maintains its focus on studies and researches that enable the technical and economy viability of alternative technologies that lead to products made from renewable sources. One example is its most recent cooperation agreement signed to achieve commercial readiness of a pioneering route to produce monoethylene glycol (MEG} from sugars. With this, Braskem wants to expand its portfolio of renewable products to offer new solutions that complement its bio-based polyethylene marketed with the l'm green™ seal.