Headquarters: Greece
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials
Forestry & Pulp and Paper
Technology Providers & Pilot Plants


CHIMAR is an innovating R&D SME, which develops and provides competitive chemical technology and services for the industrial production of adhesives and chemicals as well as for their application in the manufacture of composite wood-based panels, engineered wood and impregnated/lamination papers (all applied in furniture, building construction, insulation etc.). 

CHIMAR is pioneer in technology for bio-based adhesive systems, substituting their petrochemical raw materials with renewable ones, derived from natural lignocellulosic feedstocks and wastes. Indicative biomaterials studied by CHIMAR: tannin, lignin, lignocellulose, nano/microfibrillated cellulose, pyrolysis oil, liquefied biomass, starch, plant proteins, vegetable/seed oils. 

CHIMAR expertise extends to the development of novel bio-composite panels using non-wood biomass materials, agricultural and industrial residues as well as recycled materials. 

The company premises include advanced chemical and technical labs and pilots for adhesive and wood panel production and evaluation. Promising technology that is developed by CHIMAR, is validated at the industrial scale prior to market introduction. 

CHIMAR expertise counts since 1977 and is spread all around the world. Today, the particleboard and MDF panels produced using CHIMAR technology and services account for over 10% of the annual global production, while CHIMAR estimated market share in wood adhesive technology market is equal to 33% on a global level.