CMP – Commercial Mushrooms Producers Ltd
CMP – Commercial Mushrooms Producers Ltd

CMP – Commercial Mushrooms Producers Ltd

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Headquarters: Ireland
Type: SME
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food

CMP – Commercial Mushrooms Producers Ltd

CMP – Commercial Mushrooms Producers Ltd. is Ireland's largest mushroom producer organisation, representing 90% of Irish mushroom production and growers, dedicated to providing top quality, environmentally friendly products which offer both great value for consumers and a worthwhile endeavor for producers. CMP offers technical advice and assistance, packaging, training and on-farm investment. 

CMP is one of Europe's leading horticultural producer organisations, registered as a co-operative with the Friendly Societies of Ireland and Is focused on developing an efficient, sustainable and competitive industry in Ireland, producing high-quality products for an affordable price. CMP was established in 1999 as a co-operative by mushroom growers for mushroom growers, aiming to deliver stability to the market by improving the quality of mushrooms, maintaining the consistency of supply and getting a sustainable margin for producers. CMP currently has 44 growing units and is a promoter of cost-reduction and innovation projects to assist in maintaining the competitiveness of the mushroom horticultural sector not only in Ireland but also in Europe. Due to CMP's programme of consistent improvements since 1999, the farm-gate value of mushroom output has remained constant and significant developments have been realised on mushroom growers' farms. Apart from the technological and operative assistance, CMP also provides product and process innovation services and constantly researches novel product and market opportunities. 

CMP produces a range of products based on compost cultivation at the different life stages and forms of the traditional Agaricus bisporus mushroom. CMP has also begun to diversify their growing operations to new mushroom species these are generically known as exotic mushrooms. 

CMP is developing Research and Innovation strategies for diversifying mushroom production in Ireland both in terms of growing new varieties of mushrooms, and by using various side streams to improve the nutrient content of mushrooms as well as the sustainability and circularity of mushroom production. CMP will develop and deploy technologies for the valorization of agricultural residues using unique submerged fermentation technologies. This contributes to the valorisation of side streams from other agri-food sectors and helps to create interconnected agri-food value chains. Alongside these activities, CMP are devising novel marketing strategies and activities to increase consumer's awareness about the benefits of mushrooms. 

Video's about CMP partnership driven solutions and testimonies from mushroom growers can be found on the company website

CMP is partner in the BBI JU project 'AgriChemWhey' (An integrated biorefinery for the conversion of dairy side streams to high value bio-based chemicals).