Logo Bio-mi
Headquarters: Croatia
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials


Bio-mi Ltd. is a small and medium size research and development company from Croatia that is dedicated to the production of final and semi-final thermoplastic materiaIs and products used for the production of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. 

Advanced engineering of new bio-based and sustainable plastic materials and solutions are in focus of our activities. Apart from developing new bio-based building blocks and materials, bio-mi Ltd. provides services of consulting and education in the field of tailoring and transformation of plastics and other advanced materials into final products in line with bio-economy and circular economy goals. 

Bio-mi Ltd. has expertise and experience in the field of processing and recycling of plastic waste. Our activities are focused on a complete substitution of fossil-based materials with biomaterials and recycled materials where one of our priorities is to explore biodegradability and recyclability and to evaluate potential of biomaterials, specifically biopolymers and bioplastics in the environment taking into consideration that Croatia is a tourist destination.