Naturstoff-Technik (Germany)

Naturstoff-Technik (Germany)

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Headquarters: Germany
Type: SME
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food

Naturstoff-Technik (Germany)

Naturstoff-Technik GmbH is a German SME with 40 years of experience in drying and further processing technologies tor the application of ingredients in food, biotechnology and for daily use articles. 

While contract manufacturer for industrial clients, NST also develops and produces new powder products as well as associate technologies for their clients. 

The company has several sophisticated technologies and processes (high pressure homogenization, spray drying and micro encapsulation equipment, stirring reactors for up to 500 liters, Solid State Fermentation (SSF) as well as access to laboratories for chemica!, physical and biologica! analysis. 

Additionally, the company possesses equipment for downstream processing (e.g. phase separation) in development as well as industrial scale. 

NST is currently employing 23 persons in permanent positions.