Cellmat Technologies

Cellmat Technologies

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Headquarters: Spain
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials
Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

Cellmat Technologies

For more than 10 years CellMat Technologies has contributed to filling the gap between scientific knowledge and industrial technology for the different players in the foam and bioplasctic sector. 

Strengthened by a highly qualified team of scientists specialized in the different topics surrounding polymeric foams and with facilities specially designed to develop and validate innovative ideas in this area, we have been able to help our industrial partners in increasing their competitiveness, by developing and improving products, optimizing their processes, enhancing the sustainability of their solutions, and reducing costs. 

Strongly committed to R&D we believe that know-how is the most powerful tool to encounter the challenges presented by our partners and from an evolving society constantly demanding more efficient, sustainable, and smarter solutions.