Arion Pharmaceuticals Ine.

Arion Pharmaceuticals Ine.

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Type: SME
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food
Aquaculture & Marine

Arion Pharmaceuticals Ine.

Arion Pharmaceuticals, having started its activities on a 3.000 m2 area since 2012 in İstanbul Tuzla Organized Industrial Area, has been been providing contract manufacturing service to significant national and international companies, laboratory services and creating value for veterinarians and animal health sector with its wide range of products in different forms in which it specializes. 

Arion Pharmaceuticals is the first company in its field to achieve both GMP certificate and Manufacturing Licence from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry at the same time and also is the first company with GMP licence to manufacture Sterile Liquid Injectable Solution, Tablette and Pomade products. 

The premises also has the SFDA certificate from Saudi Arabia Food and Drug Association as well as the approval of Ministry of Health of United Arab Emirates and Food Security Institute of Azerbaijan. Products manufactured are being exported over more than 20 countries. 

In 2016, new Arion Feed Additives premises has started its operations on a 1.500 m2 area located in İstanbul Tuzla Organized Industrial Area and started contracted manufacturing of Oral liquid, powder and tablette products for poultry, farm animals, bees and pet to significant national and international companies. It has also has a GMP+ certificate since 2022. 

The same year ; Arion İlaç Representative Pharmaceutical Warehouse has been established with a capacity of 4.000 pallettes and serving the industry. 

In year 2017, Arion İlaç R&D Center has been established and received the certificate as R&D Center from the Ministry of Industry and Technology. It has been maintaining the title of R & D Center for 6 years as a result of the annual reports and audits submitted to the Ministry every year. 

Arion Pharmaceuticals has been working in cooperation with distinguished Universities in Turkey to conduct projects and has developed many products in the industry especially in the field of organic antiparasitic products containing plant essential oils.