Logo Arbiom
Headquarters: France
Type: SME
Sector: Aquaculture & Marine


Arbiom is committed to meeting the sharp increase in global protein requirements with technology that transforms the most sustainable and readily available carbon source in the world - wood - into natural, economical. traceable, and sustainable supply of protein with enhanced amino acid content for animal feed. Arbiom's bioprocessing and fermentation technology enables an economically viable production pathway from wood to food. Arbiom's protein-rich ingredient (brand name: SylPro®) offers a high-quality protein-source for feed manufacturers. Within the feed market space, SylPro® is intended for aquaculture, swine, and companion animals. 

SYLFEED is a European project funded by the Bio based Industries joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 745591. This BBI-JU Demonstration project was launched in 2017 to upscale Arbiom's technology platform to commercial production and assemble the key players in the value chain from Wood to Food. SYLFEED is an industrial consortium of partners representing all stages of the wood to food value chain; from wood residue sourcing through end-product manufacturing and testing of fish feed for the aquaculture market. Arbiom is located both in the US and in France and employs more than 30 people. 

Arbiom's team brings a range of expertise, including animal nutrition, bioprocessing technology, engineering, fermentation and molecular biology.