Metgen Oy

Metgen Oy

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Headquarters: Finland
Type: SME
Sector: Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

Metgen Oy

Metgen is a Finnish SME employing 12 people that was founded in 2008. Metgen empowers industries to get most out of biomass through enzymatic solutions.

MetGen (Mastering Enzyme Technologies and Genetic Engineering) develops disruptive enzymatic products that enable significant efficiency improvements in the pulp and paper and biofuel industries. MetGen offers enzymatic solutions for the pre-treatment of a variety of lignocelullosic sources and enzymes that dramatically save energy at the refining step in the pulp and paper industry. In the advanced biofuel sector MetGen makes low cost lignocellulosic sugar production possible.

The MetGen team has extensive experience in genetic engineering and microbiology, as well as the capabilities required to adapt enzymes to harsh industrial conditions. Based on novel methods in genetic engineering and a careful selection of the most effective molecules, many molecular characteristic can be freely modified according to the customer needs.

Metgen is partner in the BBI JU projects ‘BIOFOREVER’ (BIO-based products from FORestry via Economically Viable European Routes) and ‘BIOrescue’ (Enhanced bioconversion of agricultural residues through cascading use).