Dutch Biorefinery Cluster

Dutch Biorefinery Cluster

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Headquarters: Netherlands
Type: SME cluster
Sector: Regional Clusters

Dutch Biorefinery Cluster

Dutch Biorefinery Cluster is an industrial cluster of biobased sectors and companies: 

Avebe, Cosun, FrieslandCampina , Productschap Akkerbouw (arable products sector) , Royal VNP (paper and board industry) , Courage (dairy products sector) , Productschap Tuinbouw (horticultural sector). 

The Foundation is funded by its members and is independent of government. 

The Dutch Biorefinery Cluster helps its members to more fully realise economic value from biomass in a sustainable manner. It connects knowledge, skills and resources of member companies, accelerating innovations they are eager for.

For the partners in the Dutch Biorefinery Cluster, a circular and CO2 neutral economy is a logical step. 

The Dutch Biorefinery Cluster aims to initiate cross-company and cross-sectoral research in the bio-based economy. Activities are focus around 5 themes: 

  • Close the mineral cycle - Conscious use and recycling of minerals 
  • Protein cascading - Mobilising proteins from by-streams 
  • Fibre cascading - Refinery and cascading of (ligno-) cellulose to individual biopolymers 
  • Chemical building blocks from plants - New technologies for production and isolation of special components from plants 
  • Water valorization - Transition of water cleaning to the isolation of added value components