Mondo SpA / Artigo

Mondo SpA / Artigo

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Headquarters: Italy
Type: Large industry
Sector: Chemicals & Materials

Mondo SpA / Artigo

  • Mondo Group mainly develops, designs and manufactures toys and rubber based articles. Elastomer market is based on rubber floorings used in 4 main applications:
  •  -Civil buildings (hospitals, halls, schools, ….) 
  • -Indoor sport halls (for football, basketballs, gym, fitness, …) 
  • -Outdoor Sport tracks: athletics tracks (like Olympic stadiums) 
  • -Civil transportation vehicles (trains, trams, metros). 

In detail Mondo SpA is focused in outdoor products (sport tracks in rubber as well as synthetic grass “tufting” for padel, soccer and tennis) and indoor materials (surfaces for several sports manufactured both In rubber and tufting fibers). 

The whole Group started since several years the path to Sustainability, biobased materials are a pillar of this path and already developed different formulation with biobased materials for different business areas. 

As such Mondo Group (and Artigo specifically) are interested in developing and being fundamental partners of a biobased rubber value chain.