Logo Kiverdi
Headquarters: Netherlands
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials


Kiverdi uses natural microbes to turn carbon dioxide and other gases into oils, nutrients, and bio-based products, from food and personal care items to clothing and biofuels. 

Our novel carbon-negative production platform combines carbon with hydrogen to create a variety of hydrocarbon molecules which are the basis of our global economy and a major source of unsustainable and polluting practices. As the global food system is responsible for up to a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions and the human population growing to around 10 billion by 2050, it is more important than ever that we find a way to live sustainably. Part of that requires us to rethink our entire food and materials production model. 

That’s where Kiverdi comes in. 

Kiverdi technology uses all-natural microbes (nature's Super-Charged Carbon Recyclers) to transform carbon dioxide and other gases into high-valued protein, nutrients, and bio-based materials. The materials we produce can be used in a wide range of sustainably sourced products, both for consumer and industrial applications.

With that diversity of outputs, we can provide solutions for many different markets - Food, Feed, Aquaculture, Materials. Our focus is currently on commercializing our technology in Food, Feed, and Agriculture, but Materials is a promising category in early development. 

By recycling carbon dioxide, we bridge the gap between sustainability and profitability, enabling a future of abundance.