Helian Polymers (Netherlands)

Helian Polymers (Netherlands)

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Headquarters: Netherlands
Type: SME
Sector: Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

Helian Polymers (Netherlands)

At Helian Polymers we develop PHA-based materials to help our customers produce sustainable products. With more than fifteen years of experience distributing biobased raw materials we are able to use this knowledge to develop new and unique and biodegradable compounds, tailor-made to suit your needs.

PHAradox is a brand of Helian Polymers, specialized in PHA biopolymer solutions. With strategic partnerships and active material development we are able to offer bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs. PHAradox’ emphasis on innovation and high quality application development make it your ideal partner in a rapidly changing social, environmental and regulatory landscape. With PHAradox we help you to make the transition from plastics to PHA based solutions.

We actively develop PHA based formulations which are biobased, biodegradable and leave no microplastics. In this way we have already developed over 100 unique compounds by PHAradox and made to order upon request.

Not only do we develop materials ourselves for certain markets and with general specifics. We also make tailor-made materials, in accordance with our customer’s needs. Our in-house development, pilot production and testing capacities enable fast and reliable service.

Helian Polymers is active in various value chains, a few examples are ; food packaging / agriculture / 3D Printing / sports & leisure / orthotics

Nature creates the raw materials, we create the perfect blend.