Logo Fibenol
Headquarters: Estonia
Type: Large industry
Sector: Forestry & Pulp and Paper


Fibenol is revolutionizing the way we think about wood processing. Our groundbreaking demo plant is using Sweetwater’s Sunburst pre-processing technology to fractionate biomass into biocomponents faster and more efficiently than any other technology on the market. The demo plant demonstrates on an industrial scale, how novel pre-treatment technology in combination with innovative enzymatic solutions will convert more than 90% of the woody biomass into high-quality lignin and wood sugars. 

Fibenol is providing biomaterials with a low-ecological footprint and minimal environmental impact. Our new biomaterials offer a sustainable solution for a range of industries, from chemistry to cosmetics and construction materials. 

Fibenol is the perfect solution to help companies meet their sustainability goals and paves the way toward a sustainable future. With its innovative technology, Fibenol can help companies reduce their environmental impact, while still producing high-quality products. 

Fibenol is proud to be the coordinator of the SWEETWOODS BBI JU project and has been instrumental in the establishment of the demo plant. The team is now ready to commission the plant and will be able to deliver bioproducts to its customers by summer 2023. Fibenol is excited to be a part of this cutting-edge project and looks forward to the positive outcomes it will bring.