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Headquarters: Turkey
Type: Large industry
Sector: Chemicals & Materials
Forestry & Pulp and Paper
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Kastamonu Entegre

Kastamonu Entegre (KEAS) was established in 1969 in the forestry and wood based panel sector including raw and melamine coated particleboards, medium density fibreboards, glossy panels, laminate flooring, door panels, kitchen worktops, skirtings and various value added products related that are needed by the furniture, decoration and construction sectors. Today, Kastamonu Entegre became a global power which is the 1st in Turkey, the 4th in Europe, and the 6th in the world in its field with 6300 employees. Maintaining its uninterrupted production for half a century in the wood-based panel industry, Kastamonu Entegre is a global-scale company engaged in production in 6 countries, with investments in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Italy and Turkey. In the USA, it has a company that carries out wood chip supply and logistics processes.

Kastamonu Entegre has become the world’s sixth largest company in the wood-based panel industry with its overseas investments extending more than 20 years, and has been among the top four manufacturers in Europe. It is one of the four largest manufacturers in the world with each of its main product groups; namely MDF, particle board, laminate flooring, and door skin. It undertakes 6% of the world laminate flooring production alone. Not only the Turkey’s industry leader with its 30% market share, Kastamonu Entegre, at the same time is by far the leader of the industry with its imports each year to 100 countries in six continents extending from China to America and Australia to Canada.

Production capacity of the company is 5.5 m3 wood based panels, 70 million m2/year laminate flooring and 20 million pieces/year doorskin with 56% is accounted for by plants in Turkey and 44% by overseas plants. Kastamonu Entegre, being the leader of the Turkish market both by domestic and foreign sales, with its innovative product portfolio, today carries out its production operations in six countries as the result of investments geared at improving its production capacity through successful financial and operational performance with a consolidated turnover of 1.2 billion.

Kastamonu Entegre can produce its products that have the certificate of conformity to the Turkish Standards and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) , in line with customer demands, such as fire retardant (FR), moisture resistant (MR), FSC certified, CARB Phase II and F**** standards. “Floorpan” and “Artfloor” are the first Turkish laminate flooring brands that have “Blue Angel” certificate, which shows that environmentally friendly materials are used in production and that the products do not contain any hazardous substances for human health. Acting with the mission of preserving natural balance and contributing to the society, the company is one of the three companies that prepared the sustainability report in the industry. It carries out studies on product and process development, efficiency increase, efficient resource utilization and advanced material technologies in its R&D center in Istanbul, which it has set up to develop technologies of the future

Kastamonu Entegre, is one of the leader company in the sector, aims to being a project partner in the wood and forest products industry with more environmentally friendly products and raw materials and opens to collaborations for this issue.