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Headquarters: Spain
Type: Large industry
Sector: Bioenergy
Technology Providers & Pilot Plants
Waste Management & Treatment


SOLUCIONES INDUSTRIALES Y TRATAMIENTOS AMBIENTALES S.L. (SITRA) works in the integral water cycle in industry, developing the Design, Engineering, Construction and Operation of supply water treatment and potabilization plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants and regeneration systems. SITRA applies the latest technologies on the market in order to guarantee the best solution to the particular problems of each client. His extensive experience in the most varied industrial sectors is a guarantee of quality in the executed installations, due to his knowledge of the existing problems in each sector. 

SITRA works in all stages of the complete water cycle in industry, from the design and construction of new plants to the operation and maintenance of existing facilities. 

- Operation and maintenance 

  1. Comprehensive facility management. SITRA has a specific department aimed at operating services and technical assistance for water treatment plants. 
  2. Chemical product. The development and commercialization of chemical products for water treatment constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of its activity in the field of the exploitation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Drinking and Process Water Treatment Plants and Circuits and Boilers. With extensive experience in these three fields and its constant commitment to study the most innovative products, SITRA has achieved one of the most complete ranges of chemical products on the market. 
  3. Waste management. SITRA is committed to the circular economy in the management of waste generated in industry, managing and valuing agri-food waste, livestock and sewage sludge in accordance with the requirements established by current regulations. SITRA develops comprehensive renewable gas projects adding value to the client’s waste. 

- Engineering 

  1. Studies. SITRA develops different studies and audits aimed at assessing and proposing possible solutions to the deficiencies identified by its clients in reference to the management of the integral water cycle in the industry. As a follow-up to many of these initial studies, they developed laboratory-scale and industry-scale pilots. 
  2. Plant design and construction. SITRA carries out both the design and construction of custom facilities under the highest quality standards, providing the best technical solutions in: 
  • Make-up water treatment plants 
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants 
  • Water reuse and regeneration systems 
  • Biogas, Biomethane and Green Hydrogen Plants 

Our proposals have a high technological development and an experience endorsed by more than 250 references. Energy efficiency, resource optimization and technological excellence are the main pillars. 

Turnkey projects. SITRA develops comprehensive projects under the “Turnkey” mode, in which the company offers from the management and planning of the solution, the direction and coordination of engineering work, the construction of the plant and the subsequent operation and maintenance by the SITRA staff.