AB Inbev

AB Inbev

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Headquarters: Belgium
Type: Large industry
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food

AB Inbev

AB InBev is a global brewery with Headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, with a brewing heritage that dates back more than 600 years to the Artois brewery. AB InBev was formed through successive mergers of three international brewing groups: Interbrew from Belgium, AmBev from Brazil, and Anheuser-Busch from the United States. It is the world's largest brewer with 200.000 employees and a portfolio of more than 400 brands.

For centuries, the experience of sharing a beer has brought people and cultures together. AB InBev is committed to driving growth that leads to better living for more people in more places. Through brands and experiences that bring people together. 

Through dedication to brewing the best beer with the best ingredients. And through the commitment to helping farmers, retailers, entrepreneurs and communities grow.  

Through its brands and investment in communities, AB InBev aims to bring more people together, making the company an integral part of consumers’ lives for generations to come.

Future ambitions of the company include the better use of current waste materials.