Boreal Bioproducts - Montinutra (Finland)

Boreal Bioproducts - Montinutra (Finland)

Boreal Bioproducts
Headquarters: Finland
Type: Micro enterprise
Sector: Chemicals & Materials
Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

Boreal Bioproducts - Montinutra (Finland)

Montinutra converts forest industry side streams into valuable ingredients used for example by cosmetic and chemical industries. 

Partners to develop novel uses for polysaccharides and lignins – please be in touch. 

Our pilot scale operation in Finland has the capability and know-how to produce natural biopolymers: polysaccharides, polyphenols and phenolic sugar compounds. We develop novel uses with industrial partners to replace fossil chemicals, for example in bio-based latex or hair care ingredient. Our extraction technology is based on pressurized hot water and is practically free of chemicals. Our abundant and homogenous bio-feedstock as well as industrial up-scaling location is guaranteed through our partner Metsä Group. We are currently planning an industrially sized plant to be commissioned in 2025.