Logo Fermentalg
Headquarters: France
Type: SME
Sector: Aquaculture & Marine


Fermentalg is a leading French microalgae company, based in Libourne (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France). Its primary markets are human nutrition and animal feed sectors as well as the health industry. 

Fermentalg's mission is to provide health and nutrition industry leaders with new sources of oils, natural pigments and proteins by harnessing the vast potential of microalgae. Fermentalg is a biotechnology company, specialized in R&D, industrialization and exploitation of microalgae, through fermentation, for the bio-production of molecules or biomasses with nutritional benefits and the potential for a positive impact on health. The technology developed together with the wealth of its bank of strains allows it to target highly varied markets with high value for human nutrition, animal feed as well as health industry. 

Fermentalg's main activities rely on: 

- Developing innovative technological bioprocesses of culture and extraction of microalgae-based products, 

- Sustainable production of high quality microalgae-based products:  

  • Omega-3 enriched oils: DHA-enriched oils will be the first algal oils made in France and the first alternative to concentrated fish oils. 
  • Natural pigment with colouring and antioxidant properties: Phycocyanin is the only natural colour blue agent offering an alternative to Spirulina's phycocyanin and artificial dyes. 
  • Highly protein-rich biomass: alternative to Spirulina, produced during the phycocyanin process. 

Fermentalg sales and marketing strategy is to create distribution partnerships with key players in food industry, dietary supplements, infant formula markets. The distribution networks are focused on EMEA, USA, Asia mainly.