Bionet Ingeneria

Bionet Ingeneria

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Headquarters: Spain
Type: SME
Sector: Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

Bionet Ingeneria

BIONET provides equipment and engineering for biotech, chemical, food and pharma industries, serving process and environmental needs. BIONET specializes in bioreactors/fermentors, membrane filtration and process development and process engineering for bio-based sectors, helping clients achieve their R&D and production goals in bioprocess industries, through the integration of our technologies and processes. 

BIONET designs and constructs pilot equipment and complete system of fermentation and filtration and clarification of bioproducts and fermentation broths. 

BIONET also provides service within the Lab to Market Engineering (L2ME) service concept developed by BIONET, comprising the activities supporting the industrialization of new chemicals and bioproducts and bioprocesses. 

BIONET has developed a complete range of Bioprocess equipment including series of bioreactors / fermentors, Cross-Flow Filtration Systems and Cleaning in Place Systems (CIPs).