Metsa Kemi mill

Kemi bioproduct mill

Project Aim

The Kemi bioproduct mill is the most efficient wood processing mill in the northern hemisphere. The environmentally, energy and material-efficient mill operates completely without fossil fuels. 


When working at full capacity, the bioproduct mill produces 1.5 million tonnes of softwood and hardwood pulp annually. It uses zero fossil fuels and will be completely waste-free by 2030. Featuring cutting-edge technology, it operates a fully-fledged circular economy, as all the wood raw material and production side streams are efficiently used for various bioproducts and bioenergy. For example, the mill produces tall oil and turpentine, as well as two terawatt hours of renewable electricity per year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 100,000 electrically heated single-family homes. 

The bioproduct mill is among the world's top in terms of energy, material and environmental efficiency. Despite the growing production, the new mill is below the emission limits of the environmental permit of the old pulp mill in Kemi.

In the bioproduct mill, the key is an advanced closed chemical cycle, in which water and chemicals are recycled and returned to the process for reuse.

Utilisation of the main and side streams in our bioproduct mill concept: 

Utilisation of the main and side streams in Kemi bioproduct mill concept

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Investment: 2020.00 Million
Year of investment / Project duration: 2023
Country(ies) of investment: Finland
Region of investment: Lapland
Employment created: The mill employs approximately 2,500 people throughout its direct value chain in Finland. Mill personnel: 250 people.
Bio-based feedstock(s) utilised: Renewable northern wood