Project Aim

Creating multiple value chains based on the transformation of the sugar industry’s co-products as well as other non-food biomass feedstocks into bio-based and natural products for various applications.


AFTER-BIOCHEM proposes an innovative global concept that consists of an entire process at industrial scale to transform current agricultural processing co-products into competitive organic acids and esters with lower environmental impacts. Applications target various markets such as fragrances & flavorings; personal care; food & feed; pharmaceuticals; and industrial chemicals. Based on 10 years of R&D at AFYREN, the project's core technology consists of an all-in-one cutting edge fermentation process coupled with separation and transformation steps. It is a non-GMO, environment-friendly and zero-waste process. The project led to the construction of the first of its kind flagship biorefinery within the «CHEMESIS» chemical platform site in Carling Saint-Avold, France.

Investment: 33.00 Million
Year of investment / Project duration: 2020
Country(ies) of investment: France
Region of investment: Grand Est
Employment created: 60
Bio-based feedstock(s) utilised: Sugar beet co-products