3D bio-based packaging

Project Aim

To develop a new process enabling the production of 3D packages that replaces similar fossil-based packages. This project focuses on the demo phase, i.e. constructing and operating a demo plant.


Fossil-based plastics have several benefits in terms of the functionalities of the end-products, but tend, for example, also to result in microplastic challenges in our environment and related to human health. Due to the different challenges of fossil-based plastics, alternative solutions are sought after in certain applications, like in the packaging sector. Metsä Group’s objective is to develop a novel wood-based ‘3D fibre product’, which can replace, for instance, packages made out of fossil raw materials in the food service sector. For this purpose, a greenfield demo plant is being constructed in Finland, integrated to a paperboard mill of Metsä Group. The main partner in this project is Valmet, also based in Finland. The 3D fibre products are recyclable. However, in case recycling is not possible, the material decomposes also biologically.

Investment: 20.00 Million
Year of investment / Project duration:
Country(ies) of investment: Finland
Region of investment: Central-Finland
Employment created: 10
Bio-based feedstock(s) utilised: Originally wood (birch, spruce and pine)