Project Aim

Steelanol recycles carbon from steel off-gases, using LanzaTech’s gas fermentation technology, into sustainable, bio-ethanol for a broad range of applications. These include advanced biofuels, fine fragrances, household cleaning products and downstream applications, such as polyethylene for packaging, and polyester fibres and resins for textiles and packaging.


Steelanol will be transforming carbon-rich industrial waste gases into advanced bio-ethanol for use in sustainable fuels and chemicals by way of novel gas-fermentation technology from Lanzatech. The technology being developed and proven in this project will allow for the capture and reuse of a portion of carbon emitted by the steel industry, without need to rebuild the BAT (Best Available Technologies) steel plant. The technology will supply the fuels and chemicals sectors with sustainable solutions that do not compete with food crops or land for food crops. It should also be noted that while other renewable sources, such as water and wind, can be used to create electricity, chemicals and fuels require carbon, and thus cannot be created without a carbon-rich source. This technology, therefore, provides the unique opportunity to recycle carbon from industrial exhaust-rich gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. By proving the compatibility of this technology with the quality requirements of sustainable fuels and chemicals, the partners will demonstrate the application potential of this process – that could potentially lead to the displacement of a high amount of fossil carbon in both the transport and consumer goods sectors.

Investment: 165.00 Million
Year of investment / Project duration: 2015
Country(ies) of investment: Belgium
Region of investment: Flanders
Employment created: 40
Bio-based feedstock(s) utilised: Waste-based, not bio-based feedstocks, combined with a bio-based process (gas fermentation)