Agrosingularity was founded on July 2019, the legal certification was obtained at December
of the same year and the operating capability started at February 2020.
Our company is focused in the production of "upclycled" food ingredients, our main
interests are addressed to produce food ingredients with functional properties such as
antioxidant, antimicrobials and and dietary fibers (patented) mainly for meat and bakery
Agrosingulairty run its model in one of the biggest markets in the world, specialty food
ingredients with a TAM of 146.000M of dollars with a CAGR of 8.5%. The company has
backed local & international investors such as Tech Transfer Agrifood and relevant Family
Offices with deep knowledge in the food industry or Glocal Managers (Latam), with 2.5M
raised to the date. We use this money to increase the team (from 3 to 12), invest in R&D,
market approach and working capital.
Agrosingularity folded its revenue 7X from 2020 to 2021 and 2X from 2021 to 2022 up 1.2M,
for 2023 project a revenue of 2.4M, 60% organic growth of our actual base of customers.
Actually has 30 active customers located in six countries across Europe (Spain, Portugal,
Italy, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Slovenia), with approved ingredients in customers like
Campofrio (Sigma Group), IFF, Nestle, Arytza, Brenntag, Alianza Team or Bimbo.
The staff is formed by 12 team members well motivated to change the way we feed the
world (Food technologist degree, economics degree, MBA, Phd) with a proven track record.
The company not only invest in R&D area, invest in provide core technology for help our
customers, the best case is our VeguIA platform who have the capability to test and
formulate new ingredients in existing food matrix doing more faster and cheaper the
challenge of introduce new products with alternative ingredients in the market.
Agrosingularity is looking for a new partner to enter in the next phase, scale our production
model, and invest in our own facilities to grow with our customers. The new facilities will
have the capability to produce our range of single ingredients, fiber and protein, doing
more efficiently the use of actual raw materials, and will be the first facility in Europe with
this mission. The company is looking for 6M for become the one of the biggest "upclyed"
ingredients producer in Europe.
Agrosingularity is aligned with SDG 2 & 12, measuring its impact, at the date, we save more
than 4.000Tn of fresh food and prevent the CO2e emission of 19.000Tn. We are starting the
certification process of the Upcycled Food Association and we are about to receive the
BCorp certificate.

Company's HQ: