Celignis Biomass Lab

Celignis is an SME dedicated to the development of innovations related to the use and valorisation of biomass and wastes. This is enabled through our state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, and experienced personnel. We are a spin-out from an EU research project developed by Celignis's founder and we are very much active in a number of ongoing Horizon and CBE projects that are advancing the art in biomass valorisation. Our roles in these projects cover the laboratory analysis of feedstocks and process intermediates and outputs, the profiling of bioactives and other high value constituents using advanced analytical equipment, the development of technologies for the extraction and modification of biomass derived components, and the technoeconomic evaluation of processes with a target of optimising technologies for commercial realisation. All of these activities we also offer as a service provider to stakeholders in the bioeconomy and we have a global network of hundreds of clients ranging from start-ups to large multinationals. These services are provided at two locations in Ireland, Celignis Analytical (for characterisation work) and Celignis Bioprocess (for bioprocess development activities).


We are currently involved in two high-impact RIA projects (PERFECOAT, funded by CBE, and EnXylaScope, funded by the FNR programme) where we are focusing on the extraction and modification of hemicellulose-based polysaccharides to allow for their use in consumer products such as: paints and coatings, cosmetics, personal-care, and nutraceuticals. The technologies developed in these projects, using Celignis background IP, are reaching advanced stages. We are able to include this hemicellulose technology in projects looking to effectively valorise each of the lignocellulose polymers in a biorefinery concept.