Biosyntia (Denmark)

Biosyntia (Denmark)

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Headquarters: Denmark
Type: SME
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food

Biosyntia (Denmark)

Biosyntia is a leading industrial biotech company producing active ingredients with world-leading fermentation processes for vitamins and other active ingredients. 

Biosyntia is addressing a significant and growing nutraceutical market. Active nutraceutical ingredients are a key component in dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care, food, drinks and animal nutrition, due to their extensive health benefits. 

Moreover, Biosyntia’s production process offers an alternative to today’s production processes, which are mainly based in Asia. This brings value to customers by decentralising their supply chain, providing supply security, quality and traceability. 

With its proprietary fermentation technology, Biosyntia can produce active ingredients as a sustainable, natural and high-quality alternative to current production methods. Specifically, Biosyntia’s technology offers an alternative to chemical-based production, resulting in less chemical waste and air pollution. Furthermore, Biosyntia offers an alternative production method to plant active materials, which require significantly less land and less organic solvents in the production. Ultimately, Biosyntia provides consumers with natural and sustainably produced active ingredients that support their health and wellbeing. 


Our natural BIO-B7TM is sourced from the rich soil, where beet carbohydrate complexes are converted into biotin by microorganisms in a fermentation process. Fermentation is a natural process which has significant sustainability advantage over chemical synthesis. BIO-B7TM 7™ is BIO-B7™ is produced in Europe, fully traceable and with >98% purity.  Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential nutrient and daily intake contributes to the energy-yielding metabolism. 

Biotin is further recognized for its benefits for hair and skin and often referred to as the “beauty vitamin“.

Sourced from nature 

Biosyntia uses carbohydrate complexes from sugar beets, avoiding crude oil, to reduce the environmental footprint of our production.