Mater–Biopolymer biorefinery

Project Aim

The Patrica plant, part of Novamont Group, the world leader in the bioplastics sector and in the development of biochemicals and bioproducts from renewable origins, is dedicated to the production of Origo-Bi (biodegradable biopolyesters of renewable origin), new biopolymers and from 2019, the production of Mater-Bi, Novamont bioplastics.


The Patrica plant is the result of the conversion of a PET production plant. Thanks to Novamont innovative technologies and expertise, the various sections have been regenerated to allow the use of renewable raw materials and the implementation of a more sustainable and low-emission process. It is a highly efficient plant equipped with a complex system of utilities, which contribute to minimising costs and waste through the recovery and reuse of waste. Two distillation sections for the wastewater resulting from the process, allows the recovery of the tetrahydrofuran (THF) that is generated during the polymerisation reaction. THF is intended for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The plant covers an area of 74,000 sq.m. and has a production capacity of 100,000 ton/year of Origo-Bi and 40,000 ton/year of Mater-Bi. It works hand in hand with Novamont Research and Development to improve the process and to expand the range of products and applications.

Investment: 87.00 Million
Year of investment / Project duration:
Country(ies) of investment: Italy
Region of investment: Lazio
Employment created: 101
Bio-based feedstock(s) utilised: Different building blocks from renewable resources