Apeiron Synthesis

Apeiron Synthesis S.A., a Polish technology company, provides strategic solutions for Specialty Chemicals, Flavors & Fragrances (F&F), Agrochemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. The core expertize encompasses olefin metathesis, a technology established as a powerful tool for the creation of commercial products in these industries.

The mission of Apeiron Synthesis is to fully realize the potential of olefin metathesis in synthetic chemistry by virtue of efficient and cost-effective catalytic systems for R&D and commercial manufacturing processes.

When targeting multifunctional molecules, catalytic olefin metathesis technology offers remarkably improved efficiency and fewer synthetic steps in comparison to the traditional methods. Moreover, this transformation tolerates higher concentrations and milder reaction conditions resulting in products with minimized impurity contents, processes with reduced wastes and overall significantly lowered casts. Apeiron has developed a growing portfolio of over thirty high performance metathesis catalysts available in gram to multi-kilogram quantities, designed to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Apeiron's technology, intrinsically catalytic, is a preferred choice for sustainable processes. lt increases the production efficiency, reduces energy and material consumption and minimizes waste generation. The ultimate goal for Apeiron's team is to design and implement additional catalytic approaches and products in line with the circular economy strategies.

As a partner in H2020 COSMOS project, Apeiron focuses on applying European camelina and crambe crops as sources for medium chain fatty acids (C10-C14} and medium-chain polymer building blocks. Consequently, the Apeiron team designed and developed a new class of olefin metathesis catalysts dedicated to tackle troublesome processes involving the renewable feedstocks. Apeiron's breakthrough findings enabled reaching the efficiency required for economically viable oil processing methodology.

Apeiron’s efforts are now concentrated on the exploration of the immense potential of olefin metathesis to transform bio-based raw materials. Thus, Apeiron Synthesis joins forces with the industrial partners to access the diversity of chemica! products (e.g. polymers, plasticizers, surfactants, detergents or lubricants) derived from renewable sources. Apeiron strives to foster innovation within the chemica! industry.