METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer

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Headquarters: France
Type: SME
Sector: Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer, a spin-off of the Université d’Auvergne, France, was founded in 1999. METabolic EXplorer uses bacterial biochemistry to create alternatives to petrochemistry.

METabolic EXplorer offers chemical manufacturers viable, long-term alternatives based on renewable resources. Biological chemical processes use renewable plant-based raw materials instead of fossil raw materials to make products that are produced with petrochemicals today.

METabolic EXplorer considers the economic performance of each production process to be a fundamental factor of competitiveness in relation to petrochemical processes. It is continually working to improve the efficiency of microorganisms and to make its technologies more competitive, notably by diversifying the supply of renewable raw materials.

METabolic EXplorer's aim is to produce basic chemical compounds that already have a large number of industrial applications essential to everyday life. It is therefore targeting existing markets that are clearly defined in terms of production quantities, selling prices, and applications. These are growth markets, each worth from hundreds of millions to several billion euros, for which the product's natural components and sustainability are advantages.

METabolic EXplorer is partner in the BBI JU ‘Valchem’ (Value added chemical building blocks and lignin from wood) demonstration project.