Inofa (Internet of Food Alliance Support Office)

Inofa (Internet of Food Alliance Support Office)

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Headquarters: Greece
Type: Micro enterprise
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food

Inofa (Internet of Food Alliance Support Office)

The INOFA SUPPORT OFFICE was established as an independent legal entity in order to ensure the permanence and extroversion of the “Internet of Food Alliance” (INOFA) cluster, created in 2019 INOFA ( in a fast growing cluster consisting of about 80 members that covering the whole agrifood value chain and representing the quadruple helix in its entirety; they are currently interacting with each other through no less than 10 funded projects and served by an extensive private rural IoT LoRA network, coordinated centrally by the Support Office. 

The support Office possesses a 7 member mechanism, with extensive experience in running projects, managing social media and offering advisory services to companies. The collaborative formation (cluster) of innovation InoFA (Internet of Food Alliance) is the attempt to connect all the links of the agri-food chain and those who provide materials and services to it under a common umbrella which is based on high technology and the Internet of Things. In this sense, the flow of products in the supply chain also creates a parallel flow of information which is born at the point of primary production (e.g. a field) and is constantly enriched until its final consumption. 

The purpose of the cluster is to create synergies between its participants and civil society in order to develop new digital products and services that will lead to the improvement of applied processes on behalf of all links of the supply chain. This technological upgrade, in turn, will help it face the modern challenges related to the circular economy, food traceability, environmental footprint and nutritional values. 

The cluster also seeks to optimize the control of the transport and storage of products circulating in the agri-food chain, while through the digitization of information at the points of sale, more complete information will be provided to consumers on issues related to the right nutritional choices. In this way, the performance of all individuals involved will increase and the added value along the chain ensuring its fair distribution. Primary production, agricultural product packaging, distribution, retail, research and educational organizations, civil society organizations, technology providers and service and material providers from all over Greece are brought together in the scheme.