Daren Labs (Israel)

Daren Labs (Israel)

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Headquarters: Israël
Type: SME
Sector: Agriculture and Agri-food
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Daren Labs (Israel)

Daren Labs is an experienced problem-solver, offering special agility with interdisciplinary capabilities. We perform custom R&D and provide expert knowledge to commercial, government and private customers. We are also a serial SME participant in numerous European framework programmes and maintain a full-time presence in the US.

Recognising the continuously growing needs of Israel's entrepreneurial community, Daren Labs has leveraged its experience working alongside start-up companies and investors to create the Daren Innovation Center, a technology-based accelerator. The Center provides an array of essential resources to early-stage projects, including dedicated laboratories, scientific guidance and professional consulting, all aimed at assisting start-ups to achieve their milestones with the highest rate of success.

Daren Labs Sustainability Center leads dozens of materials-development projects annually, working closely with our clients, making sure results meet the goal. Our long-year diverse experience, inhouse lab infrastructure and analytics, allow us to develop custom solutions efficiently.

Some contract projects we can mention:

  • Lignin based materials development: polymer additives: flame retardants, plasticizers and UV additives; lignin based surfactants; lignin based functional cosmetics and sunscreens.
  • Development of fatty acid based products including Ricinoleic Acid based super hydrophopic surface coatings.
  • Developed cross-linking procedures for hyaluronic acid hydrogels.
  • Developed and scaled up a five-stage synthesis of a new steroid drug for Fatty Liver Disease (now in phase III trials).
  • Reverse engineering and pilot production of a bio-degradable polymer for orthopaedic implants.
  • Development of UV sensitive photochromic coating for optical equipments. Daren Labs produces this material for the OEM.
  • Developed an acrylic surface coating that enhances the shelf-life of cut flowers (technology commercialised).

Daren labs is a crossroad where industry, science, people and business opportunities meet.