Our Vision & Strategy

BIC’s vision is to accelerate the innovation and market uptake of bio-based products and to position Europe as a world-leading, competitive bio-based economy where the basic building blocks for chemicals, materials and advanced biofuels are derived from renewable biological resources.

BIC’s mission is to build innovative bio-based value chains by developing new biorefining technologies, optimising feedstock use, and creating a favourable business and policy climate to accelerate market acceptance of bio-based products.

BBI JU’s financial contribution supports the large-scale commercialisation of high-quality bio-based products through investment in innovative manufacturing facilities and processes, as well as in biorefining research and demonstration projects.

Bio-based industries optimise land use and food security through a sustainable, resource-efficient and largely waste-free utilisation of Europe’s renewable raw materials for industrial processing into a wide array of bio-based products: chemicals, materials, food ingredients, feed, energy and advanced biofuels.

In doing so, bio-based industries play an important role in spurring sustainable growth and boosting Europe’s competitiveness by re-industrialising and revitalising rural and coastal areas, thus providing tens of thousands of high-skilled research, development and production jobs.


The bioeconomy is a perfect illustration of circularity in that it regenerates CO2 and uses renewable raw materials, replacing fossils, to decrease the environmental footprint of everyday products.

Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA)

Benefits for Europe

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