BLC3 - Technology and Research Campus (of Portugal) is a non-profitable association founded in May 2010, beginning its activities in September 2011, with a new model of research activities development and excellence in technological enrichment, companies and business ideas incubation and support to the economy fabric of rural inner regions. Its members are mainly from the technical-scientific area. This is the first and only Portuguese entity devoted to the development of Biorefineries (2nd and 3rd generation), Bioeconomy and "Smart Regions", focusing on the Circular Economy concept.

BLC3 mission is to develop, support and implement advanced knowledge for the development of a new model for promoting the region and the establishment of critical mass in underdeveloped regions, supporting and promoting technological initiatives and competitive business with high potential. BLC3 develops its industrial biotechnology activities at a national and international scale. BLC3 also develops local and regional activities for politics implementation regarding the establishment of critical mass, valorisation of endogenous resources and the territory genetic patrimony.

The BLC3 brand and identity are associated with its flag and anchor project, the biorefinery project, being that BLC3 derives from Lignocellulosic Biomass and number 3 from 3G - Microalgae; aiming the development of bioindustries, biorefineries and bioproducts to replace petroleum derivatives, for resolution and minimization of forest fires and the valorisation of lignocellulosic resources, contaminated effluents and materials.