Process Design Center

Process Design Center

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Headquarters: Netherlands
Type: SME
Sector: Technology Providers & Pilot Plants

Process Design Center

Process Design Center (PDC) is a Dutch technology provider in bio-based process development and optimization. 

Developing or improving bio-based processes is a challenging and important task, which has a crucial impact on the final plant design and cost. Process Design Center has proven that by application of PROSYN® and other structured tools & methods it is possible to realize cost and energy savings up to 20 - 50%. 

PROSYN® is a knowledge based system in the world of artificial intelligence offering a structured and systematic methodology to Conceptual Process Design and Process Synthesis. 

PDC exists for more than 30 years with a strong focus on bio­based process developments over the past decade. PDC's processes and related products have been implemented by industrial clients, partners and licensees.