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Headquarters: Slovenia
Type: SME
Sector: Chemicals & Materials
Technology Providers & Pilot Plants
Waste Management & Treatment


IOS is a research and development organization that deals with innovative solutions in the field of environmental protection, sensors and nanomaterials. The solutions are environmentally friendly, sustainable, green and in the context of a circular economy. The desire and vision to combine science and economy has led to new innovative products in the field of water treatment and recycling (MBR + Wate(R)ecycling technology), in the field of chemical recycling of plastic and textile waste to obtain secondary raw materials and in the field of healthy living, based on wearable sensor systems that are connected to mobile phones.

IOS has experience in the field of management and participation in research and development projects, both within national and international consortiums.

The main focus of the company, which has remained unchanged since 2006, is: "Creating new knowledge for designing innovative products".

In the field of environmental protection, we scientifically and professionally combine knowledge from ecology and environmental protection with an emphasis on water issues. We perform environmental measurements and analytics, pilot tests of water treatment and develop new methods for determining ecological and process parameters. We have pilot devices for anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment, membrane filtration (ultra, nano and RO), and introduction of gases into water, thermochemical decomposition and oxidative chemical processes (ozonation, H2O2 / O3, TiO2 / O3, H2O2 / UV and UZ) for the treatment of waste, municipal, industrial, bathing and drinking waters.

In recent years, the institute has focused mainly on the development of optical chemical sensors and biosensors, as they have certain advantages over other sensors because they do not require a reference cell for calibration. They are small and compact and they do not interfere with the magnetic field. We can connect them to optical fibers, which allows the transmission of signals over long distances or the incorporation of sensors into clothing (suitable for personal protection). We offer sensor systems for monitoring parameters such as pH, O2, NH3, amines, biogenic amines, H2O2, heavy metals, phosphates.

IOS continually develops new nanomaterials and nanotechnologies with the aim of aiding the development and study of technologically intriguing inorganic (metal and non-metal) oxide materials with specific physical properties arising from structural and chemical phenomena on the nanostructural and atomic level. We do this by performing tests and analyses of the crystal structure, phase composition and chemical composition, morphology and microstructural properties of the materials. The aims of this research are to improve the properties of the materials that enable the development of modern applications, the miniaturisation of existing systems, more efficient energy conversion and the development of environment-friendly technologies.

IOS owns a DEMO pilot plant for recycling textile and plastic waste, with a capacity of 30 tons of waste per year. It consists of two high-pressure/high-temperature reactors and a bioreactor for enzymatic degradation, an extruder and associated peripheral equipment, which includes a dosing system for chemicals, a belt press, a vacuum filter press, etc.