Pavatex II

Project Aim

SOPREMA is injecting €110 million to increase the production of wood fibre insulation panels at its Pavatex site in Épinal. This investment demonstrates the group's diversification strategy in "eco-sourced" insulation with the construction of two new production lines in the Vosges.


SOPREMA is developing the PAVATEX site in the Vosges, specialising in the production of wood fibre insulation. Pavatex II is an extension of the current site, which allows the production of flexible wood fibre insulation panels, called "wood wool". The production target is 30,000 tonnes per year. Pavatex III is a new site for the production of rigid wood fibre insulation boards. Its launch is planned for the end of 2023 and the production target is 60,000 tonnes per year. The two types of insulation have different objectives. The conifers used to manufacture the products come from local forestry operations, which is in line with the group's circular economy approach. In total, the SOPREMA group accounts for 200,000 tonnes per year of eco-sourced products, which represents about 20% of its raw material.

Investment: 110.00 Million
Year of investment / Project duration: 2022-2023
Country(ies) of investment: France
Region of investment: Épinal (Vosges)
Employment created: 80+
Bio-based feedstock(s) utilised: Local forestry operations