CLIB2021 (Cluster Industrial Biotechnology) is a cluster for German industrial biotechnology with a strong international membership and network. CLIB2021 aims to use of renewable resources and the develop the bioeconomy along the entire value chain.

CLIB2021 has more than 90 members of which 40 % are SMEs and 35 % are international (non-German) companies.

CLIB2021 builds its membership along the i) production and ii) development-oriented value chains. The production-oriented value chain starts with the agro and silvicultural industry, continues with feedstock providers and bio-/chemical producers and ends with consumer industries. The cluster strategy integrates professional excellence from all these industrial sectors. The cluster includes agricultural institutions, producers of renewable resources, bulk and fine chemical companies as well as consumer industries.

CLIB2021’s core activity is to initiate R&D consortia. The partners come from leading research institutes and various industry branches. They cover the entire value chain from biomass via intermediates to final consumer products.