European Bioeconomy Congress Lodz 2017
Lodz, Poland
20 November 2017 to 21 November 2017

The European Bioeconomy Congress 2017 is a scientific and economic initiative in Poland, organized by the Marshall’s Office of Lodzkie Region, where representatives of the scientific world, business, self-government administration and state institutions can meet to discuss the challenges of bioeconomy. The project aims to support and develop entrepreneurship, promote the concept of bioeconomy and its development at the local level. The thematic scope is very broad and covers all sectors that produce, process or use natural resources and related services. Participation in the event is free.

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Bioeconomy course
Oviedo, Spain
21 November 2017 to 22 November 2017

The Bioeconomy course organized by the University of Oviedo and SERIDA is mainly aimed at researchers, technicians and managers of Public Administrations and Universities, as well as professionals of companies and any entity representative of the economic, social and environmental sectors, and Technology Centers/Platforms. Registration is free until full capacity.

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BioEcoFin 2017
Brussels, Belgium
22 November 2017

PNO Consultants will gather the top innovators in bioeconomy for a 'Financing the Bioeconomy Innovations' event - BIOECONFIN 2017. The event will cover the topic of innovation development, project financing and funding, bioeconomy networks and trends, and European vision for bioeconomy.

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BBI JU Inaugural Stakeholder Forum
brussels, Belgium
07 December 2017

The inaugural Stakeholder Forum is a one-day public event dedicated to engaging directly in dialogue with BBI JU’s stakeholders. The event will include plenary keynote speeches, high-level discussions with expert panels, thematic breakout sessions, with plenty of networking possibilities.

The agenda includes opening and closing keynote speeches from champions of the bio-based economy. In the plenary sessions key contributors will present their views on defining the roadmap for a bio-based Europe, the strategic context of the BBI initiative & achievements, lessons learned & sector development and rapporteur feedback.

Bioeconomy Investment Summit
Helsinki, Finland
14 December 2017 to 15 December 2017

Placing sustainability at the heart of the investment agenda

The 2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit is a follow up of the Bioeconomy Investment Summit organised by the EU in 2015, and builds on the results of the Lodz Bioeconomy Congress and the Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference in 2016. The Summit discusses the potential the bioeconomy has to offer in building a sustainable future, and how to mobilize investments to unlock that potential.

IBioIC annual conference
Glasgow, UK
25 January 2018 to 26 January 2018

IBioIC's annual conference has established itself as the ‘go to’ event for the biotech industry in Scotland. This two day event attracted over 400 biobased professionals, academics and students from across the UK and Europe in 2017, and 2018’s event is set to be even bigger.

ECO-BIO 2018
Dublin, Ireland
04 March 2018 to 07 March 2018

ECO-BIO 2018 will bring together representatives from both academia and industry to highlight progress and recent developments and the necessary steps to make the biobased economy a reality. Taking place over two and a half days, ECO-BIO 2018 will comprise plenary talks and forum discussions, parallel sessions, posters and an exhibition together with optional company visits. Abstracts are invited for oral and poster contributions by 23 October 2017.

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BIOKET Conference
Strasbourg, France
06 March 2018 to 08 March 2018

In the context of Industry 4.0, the circular economy and the need for an optimal valorization of renewable resources, the BIOKET (bioeconomy key enabling technologies) conference, organized by IAR – the French Bioeconomy Cluster, is dedicated to bio-based solutions and processes, tackling technological, economic and environmental challenges of the Bioeconomy, will focus on innovation in processes for biomass conversion using emerging technologies, minimizing waste production and optimizing economics of the overall OPEX.

Global Bioeconomy Summit
Berlin, Germany
19 April 2018 to 20 April 2018

Following the success of the 2015 edition, the German Bioeconomy Council, with the support of German Government (Federal Ministry for Education and Research, BMBF), will organize a second Global Bioeconomy Summit.