KMC A.m.b.a. is a food ingredients company 100%-owned by Danish potato growers in Denmark. KMC supplies potato-based ingredients - of the highest quality and with documented provenance - to food industry clients throughout the world.

KMC is independent of commodity markets, ensuring consistent, fully traceable supplies of the ingredients. KMC, not only buys raw materials but also invests in suppliers’ capabilities, runs trials to improve their crops and shares the accumulated know-how with them.

KMC R&D focus is on a wide range of modified starches used in bulk, natural polymer chemistry, food technology and any other innovative technical capability to tackle customers’ practical requirements and commercial priorities. The KMC Food Innovation Centre concentrates more on highly refined ingredients with specialised functions tailored to individual product types.

KMC ingredients and know-how help clients to achieve their company’s food products. Shared specialist know-how paves the way to new markets, new production capabilities and better profit margins. KMC’s know-how enables to respond quicker to market volatility, making it easier to turn changing circumstances into new commercial opportunities.