Particula Group

The Croatian company Particula Group d.o.o., based in Rijeka, was founded in 2014 as a university spin-off. Since its inception Particula Group company is committed to assess, initiate and enrich the growing opportunities offered by the numerous technological innovations, process and products to companies, institutions, universities and research institutions due to rapid globalization process and growth of business networks.

The company wants to imprint change in industrial manufacturing through additive manufacturing. Particula group Ltd. is mainly focused on development of novel 3D printed products from bio-based feedstock. Particula Group is also working on development of cast extrusion plastic products from bio-based polymers. The company has recognized bio­ based 3D printed materials as crucial in the future of plastics and automotive industry.

Particula Group company will be one of the founders of the first Croatian Biotech and Bioeconomy Centre of Competences, which will be a PPP funded from EU structural funds.