Dupont employs 64.000 people globally. DuPont Businesses Solve Food, Energy and Protection Challenges.

Bringing together the expertise from Danisco, Genencor, and DuPont has yielded a unique combination of strengths in enzyme technology, materials science, and bioprocessing.

The business’ Bioactives, Biomaterials and Biorefineries segments address markets such as animal nutrition, food, detergents, textiles, carpets, personal care and biofuels. Dupont already created the first biomaterials with Bio-Propanediol (Bio-PDO®) and Sorona®.

Industrial biosciences key areas of research:

Bioactives — solutions that improve the sustainability profiles of customers and their products. Dupont develops bio-based solutions using innovative enzymes, peptides and performance proteins to help improve performance, productivity, and environmental footprints in markets such as animal health and nutrition, cosmetics and personal care, laundry and dishwashing detergents, food and beverage production, pulp and paper and textiles processing.

Biomaterials—high performance materials derived from renewable sources Through integrated science and strategic partnerships, Dupont develops revolutionary ways of producing materials.

Biorefineries— solutions to derive maximum value from agricultural feedstocks and unlock the full potential of the biorefinery and its value streams. From bioprocessing products to fully integrated technologies and technical service expertise our aim is to optimize outcomes. Dupont innovative enzymes for carbohydrate processing and production of fuel ethanol from corn and future biomass feedstocks deliver improved process performance and product yields.