GreenWin is an innovation cluster representing (among others) SME’s of the bio-based industries active in Wallonia (Belgium).

Greenwin membership consists of 138 companies or groups of companies and 97 SME’s. 37 member companies are active in the bio-based industries occupying more than 10,000 employees. 25 of those are SMEs

GreenWin affiliates VALBIOM, a not for profit organisation which brings scientific and technical advice to its members and aims at developing new value chains from local biomass to non-food applications (energy and/or bio-products).

In 2013, the cluster has proposed a roadmap for the bio-based industries in Wallonia. Greenwin which focuses on the valorization of: local resources of hardwood; byproducts of beets and cereal crops; byproducts of paper and agro food industries; municipal wastes.