Michelin is a tire manufacturer based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region of France. Through its 4R strategy to Reduce, Recycle and Renew, Michelin is firmly committed to developing the circular economy at each stage of the tyre lifecycle.

  • Reduce the amount of resources needed to make a tyre and optimise their use by practicing eco-design and engineering tyres that are lighter, more energy efficient and longer lasting.
  • Reuse tyres by repairing, regrooving or retreading them.
  • Recycle and recover scrap tyres.
  • Renew, by using a growing proportion of bio sourced materials. Natural rubber and plant-based oils and resins account for 25% of their inputs. Michelin announced and ambitious plan to ensure that by 2018, all tires will be manufactured using 80 sustainable materials including 50% renewable.