Enginzyme AB

With the company vision stating that "Biocatalysis should be your first choice" the direction for EnginZyme going forward is defined from a theme perspective as well as the ambitious goal to make the technology a leading capability for preparing and manufacturing value-added chemical products in various parts of the supply chain.

Given the unique properties of enzymes with their exquisite selectivity and efficiency, a switch to bio-catalytic processes from conventional counterparts is bound to have a great impact on process efficiencies, reduction in amounts of chemical building blocks needed fora given manufacture, a profound reduction in effluent st reams with an associated reduction in environmental impact. The unique feature of EnginZyme' s technology allows this all to be handled at maximum efficiency with the enzyme in question being attached onto a controlled pore glass bead (CPG) ready for use in a continuous production set up. The intact enzyme on the glass bead can be recycled or charged with another enzyme after a simple removal of the previous one.