Citrique Belge

Day after day, Citrique Belge's enthusiastic and professional workforce operates to supply customers with citric acid and related co-products, according to order and schedule. We do so by applying state-of-the-art methods and technologies, willing to remaining the highly competitive global market leader for both quality and reliability. Furthermore, all our efforts are aimed at an entirely safe production and working environment, minimum environmental impact, and a good relationship with our neighbours. This means that we at Citrique Belge endeavor to provide added value to our customers.

Having initiated the fermentation of sugar into citric acid as from 1919, Citrique Beige is one of the oldest European bio-based, circular economy producers. Having an annual capacity of 120.000 ton of citric acid and citrates, Citrique Beige also produces 250.000 ton p.a. of byproducts and is heavily investing in research and development with a goal to launch high-value ingredients for feed, food & health.