Graanul Invest group is an Estonian company, headquartered in Tallinn, that operates in the fields of forestry, development of bioenergy and production of renewable energy. Graanul Invest group is the biggest producer of wood pellets in Europe.

Graanul Invest group includes 11 large and modern pellet factories, two sales organisations, six combined heat and power plants (CHP plants) and three companies engaged in forest management and harvesting.

The goal of the company is to produce and supply nature-friendly and high-quality products to its customers and contribute to the preservation of the environment by providing renewable fuel to the market and reduction of waste from conventional fossil fuel-based energy.

Graanul Biotech (dedicated biochemicals and biomaterials company of Graanul Invest Group) is a newly established bio-based industry company. Graanul Biotech focuses on innovative technologies to process woody biomass into high purity lignin, CS/C6 sugars and micro crystalline cellulose that can be used for novel end-use applications.

Graanul Biotech is coordinator of the SWEETWOODS BBI JU project that aims to establish a completely unique first of a kind wood fractionation Flagship plant in Estonia and demonstration of novel value-chains based on sustainable hardwood resource. The plant first phase main products will be C5 and C6 enriched sugar streams, C5/C6 mixed sugar streams, high purity and near native lignin.

Graanul Invest is also partner in a major EU H2020 INEA project to demonstrate the production of isobutene-derived gasoline and jetfuel from wood.