Romanian actors keen to enhance engagement with European bio-based industries

06 June 2019

BIC met with industry stakeholders in Romania on 4 June, as a follow up to previous efforts to raise awareness on the potential for industrial bio-based operations in Romania.

The meeting is part of BIC’s strategic outreach programme which seeks to enhance bio-based industrial activity in Central and Eastern Europe, while focusing on partnership opportunities for innovative, local bio-based value chains.

BIC was joined by representatives from the food industry, the waste management sector, the petrochemistry industry, the Bucharest municipality, investor organisations and universities amongst others, who participated in a lively debate on how to bridge the innovation gap in the Romanian bio-based sector.

Nelo Emerencia, BIC Programming Director, also elaborated on granted BBI projects in other parts of Europe that are benefitting from opportunities comparable to those in Romania (see below granted BBI JU projects in Romania).

Dragos Gavriluta, representing BIC member Clariant, a speciality chemical company, provided participants with details on LIGNOFLAG, a flagship (commercial) project located near Craiova, south-west Romania. The LIGNOFLAG project seeks to produce second generation biofuels from residual streams in the local agricultural industry. Gavriluta also demonstrated the positive socio-economic impacts of the investment on the local and regional economy.

To learn more, you can also consult the report ‘Mapping the potential of Romania for the bio-based industry