Find your ideal bioeconomy scale-up partner with Pilots4U

27 August 2019

The Pilots4U database is your one-stop shop for locating open access pilot and multipurpose demo infrastructures for the bioeconomy in Europe.

Open access pilot and demonstration infrastructures allow industry to bring bioeconomy innovations from the laboratory into industrial practice by offering state-of-the-art equipment and expertise for scaling up of innovative processes. Early stage collaboration with such facilities substantially lowers the financial risk for the innovating company and speeds up the commercialisation of their new product or process.

The Pilots4U database brings together all open access scale-up infrastructures and is a key instrument for the European bio-based industries in finding the right partners for bringing innovations to the market, faster and more efficiently.

BIC recommends the Pilots4U database as the official instrument to look for scale-up partners in the bioeconomy. 

The Pilots4U database can be consulted here: